Saturday, 13 August 2016

Outfit and Style Inspiration Summer 2016 // Tarten Trouser and Thrasher Tee // Summer Blogin' 2016

Hello All!

A classic outfit post for you all today! I feel so Avril-Lavigne-Sk8er-Boi-esque in this outfit. I LOVE IT.





Trousers; BHS (they are closing down/have closed down now. Sozza.) 
Top; The cool uber original Thrasher tee that none of the the cool fashion blogs already have. 
Choker; Ali express (where else?!) 

I edited my photos to give them a very grudge-punky-not-really vibe to them and it is taking me back to the 'Rawr means I love you in dinosaur' days. 




No uploads. By Ella *

The blog is covered in dust,
the need to upload is at an all time must.

With no new content for days,
the readers collectively pray.

That Ella will stop watching Netflix,
and do a post about her new aesthetics.

But little do they know,
that Ella sits at home.

And moans about her lack of inspiration,
and how that leads to no new creations. 

Insight to how the past few days have been for me. 

*I failed English Lit for a reason. 

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Highlighter Alternative // D.I.Y Highlighter // Lipgloss Highlighter // Summer Blogin' 2016


Trying to come up with a title for this was difficult, but basically what I am trying to say is that if shit-comes-to-bust and you run out of highlighter you can use lipgloss!

I know, I know it sounds strange but can we just cast our minds back to other things on the internet which make less sense then this *cough* 100+ coats of 'insert makeup /beauty item here' challenge *cough*

Anyhow here is a picture of my bare ass cheek (face cheek guys. Not ass),

Ew gross.
Now imagine the scene- you have just done a full face of make up. Perfecto. You just need to add that final shine to you creation when. Horror of all horrors, someone has stolen your highlight (lets be real my highlighter is my baby and I would never forget it somewhere). What shall you do? Then you see it at the bottom of you make up bag. A clear lipgloss.. I mean if it makes you lips shiny then maybe... just maybe... 


That my friends is lipgloss highlight!

And here is a picture comparison cause I know you guys want one.

I had to tie my hair back so you would see and I look like an egg :( 

SO yeah! Hopefully this information might come in handy for you one day... 

Maybe not... 



I apologies for the shitty photos but its hard to be arty farty when you are showing off highlight! 

Not long now till school starts back up! EWWWWWWWWWW 
As a student all this summer has been laying in bed and eating pot noodles and now I have to start thinking about getting back in the learning zone! G-R-O-S-S. 

I never want summer to end. 



Friday, 29 July 2016

Oriental Print High Heels // Missguided Heels // Summer Blogin' 2016 #8

To be honest I am not a fan of high-high heels.
We have all been there, your in the club, getting crunk, and thats when it hits. The Cinderella syndrome. I dunno what it is but as soon as that clock hand passes 12 then your feet are like, NOPE. The pain is HORRENDOUS. The straps become boa constrictors and the heel becomes a knife stabbing into you, (bit graphic but its the truth).


B U T. 

I have found a pair of heels that have found the balance between height and comfort and style!

These bad boys are from Missguided and are the oriental-print-strappy-sandels

These mix coolness and comfort which is great for the clubbing nights!

Here are some more pictures of these groovy shoes...

Heres me trying to get a close up  of the print ... not a great pic though 

They were about £20 which makes these shoes a triple threat <3




Ah man have I been SICK trust me to get the flu during the summer. It sucks! I can just see all my pals doing fun things like going to the beach and I am just here like

Its a hard knock liiiiiffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Outfit and Style Inspiration // Summer Blogin' 2016 #7


When it comes to summer I always feel that my outfits and style go from 'fleekkkkkkkk' (I hate myself for genuinely using that word in a sentence) to floppy. It just gets to hot to function and style comes second to sweaty thighs. Gross. But I think I have found a nice outfit that is breathable in these sweaty times!

*I took these photos on my Mac cause I didn't have time to take proper photos*

That trying to show off my outfit pose 

Charging phone and taking photos; must efficient multi tasking 
Top; dunno Just stole a yellow-shirt from my brother
Choker; £1.50 from Primark YASYASYAS
Jeans; What my mum likes to say 'Pointless Jeans" (cause there is hardly any fabric har-har old people jokes) from Aliexpress

lol at me trying to make a photo shoot on my bed work - again that sounds strange. Ew.


How is every-body then? I had a couple days getting on the town get crunk and drunk. Honestly when I am drunk I think I can dance, I can't dance so in my brain I am like,
When actually I am like;


Saturday, 23 July 2016

Missguided Wish List // Summer Blogin' 2016 #6

I do love a bit of Missguided, they are cheap and cheerful, and as they only have an online presence they don't make me feel bad for shopping online! Its win-win!

But I don't always have excessive cash on me so I make wish lists...

Duck Egg Blue Slinky dress -£30 

Flared Sleeve crop top £18 

Frill sleeve Top - £18 

Buckle Sandels Nude - £35

Aw man. I need to get cracking and earn some money, how much do strippers make now a-days?



My car has broken down today :( Something has gone cray with the battery and now my green Ford KA baby (I am a student alright) has gone down. SAD TIMES AHEAD.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Club Outfit & Style Inspiration // Summer Blogin' 2016 #5

Clubbing or any time where you have to be fancy is a bit of  tricky one, the question 'am I to overdressed?" haunts me, the fear that I enter a room like 'BOOM baby' and everyone is in trainers.

Not nice.

But I feel that top and skirt can pass off as causal and dressed up! So this is what I wore when I had a mad one with meh squad last night,

My top is from Pretty Little Thing and my skirt is from New Look!
New look is really up-ing there game lately I went in to there store and there was a lot of lovely things about so I recommend that you take a wander around your local New Look!



Know what you are thinking, who goes out on a Thursday? Well Thursday night is student night in my town, CAN I GET A HOLLA FOR £1.50 VODKA COKE! So as usual we started by getting jugs at Spoon's (all the non-english people reading that sentence are like dafuck) and then made our way about the town! Great night but I am feeling it now, yucky.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

My Sunglasses Collection // Summer Blogin' 2016 #4

Sunglasses. An essential in these sunny times. And those hungover times. And those I-CBA-to-do-my-makeup times. And as the last two are me 90% of the time, I have  a lot of sunglasses.

I have seven sunglasses (thats a lot for an English gal), all cheap, I am not about that expensive sunnie life. I am to clumsy! So here are my cheap- ass sunglasses!

I don't know the prices but honestly none of them would of been above £20, personal I feel a good place to get cool sunglasses for the cheap is Aliexpress. They have so many options for you to browse!

Here are the sunnies up close!

lol look at my broke ass face in the reflection



Off out on the town tonight so that means two things for tomorrow, 
1. An outfit post 
2. The post won't be up till like 6pm 

I intend to be very hungover tomorrow YAY