Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Never Fully Dressed With Out A Smile...

I went to go see Annie today (Hence the title of this blog) and I rather enjoyed it! I know a lot of people are hating on it but to quote my father 'those who don't go move with the times, get left behind'. I really liked this new version of Annie, they gave Annie an urban edge which was a refreshing change! 

Anyways enough about Annie and more about my outfit! 

My New Baby My white Leather Jacket <3 £58! not to bad considering the quality of off the charts!

Tank top - topshop 
Leggings- H&M 
Shoes- Next 
Hat - H&M 
Jacket - Topshop  

Make up 
Number 7 foundation 
NYX lip liner in the shade mauve 
eyelashes from eyelure 


Sunday, 28 December 2014

Reflection On 2014 And Improvements

I know typically you reflect on the past year on the 31st but I am feeling particularly sentimental today ( and considering this is my 90th post! 90!) I decided I needed to let my thoughts out.

Although it is cheesy 2014 has been quite a key year almost as if 2013 and 2012 had been a run up for this year (and hopefully the years to come) 2014 was the year I created this very blog, nosebleeds and palm trees granted I gave my little baby a strange name (a unique name more like) but I love it dearly, I have created blogs over the years none of them I stuck with though I would post one or two things on there and get bored and leave them to gather cyberdust. To be completely honest I have no idea what keep me coming back to this blog and to continue writing but I continue to log on to this place and post (not very well written granted) my views and my clothes and other superficial things that I enjoy!

My blog is a great source of joy for me, I know it is hard to believe that just writing about the little things I have brought or what I have been wearing or what I have been up to would actually cause someone joy but it does, and even if hardly any people read this it is rather therapeutic for me, to write about my day or my things, almost like down time for me. I mean why else would I have 90 posts on here. Saying that I would like to improve some things!

1. I would like to take my outfit pictures somewhere other then in my room, I have a spare room in my house and I have debated about turning that into somewhat of a 'bloggers den' I will have to experiment a bit with lighting and what not but my room doesn't exactly give off what I call a stylish vibe, so I think 2015 will be a year of relocation.

2. When I comes to my blog posts I feel that I don't write enough I will post a picture of my outfit write a little and then thats it, I don't write enough and the simple fact of that is that I am lazy. And that Is really bad.

3. I also need to post more, lately due to the christmas holidays I have been posting frequently but usually I post around three times a week, my excuse to myself has always been that I have work and college but I know that some bloggers update their blog daily so I am sure that I can squeeze at least a couple more posts a week.

4. I feel that my blog is a little superficial, I post some outfits I post make up and thats about it, I think that I need to talk about more important things, current events and what not. I don't want to do this often as I adore fashion and make up and all things like that but at least twice (maybe more maybe only once) a month I should add in some cultural things in here.

And those are my new years resolutions - the blog version! I hope to introduce these renovations soon  and I hope that 2015 will be the year that nose bleeds and palm trees actually produces some quality content!

p.s It feels strange to have a post with no picture so here is a GIF (watch out ) of me


How very lazy of me. 

Friday, 26 December 2014

❀ One Face Watch ❀

Hope you all had a very merry christmas! It was great to have a couple of days to chill and not do anything, it was lovely but alas I have work tomorrow :( So to cheer myself up I thought I would share with you one of my christmas presents!
A one face watch!
Unless you are unaware of the concept of the One face watch, they are a watch company (No Sh*t Sherlock) that like the Toms show company give a percentage of the profits to charity, I am going to leave a link HERERERERE to the website so you can read about it because I am not very good at describing things, click awwaawawyy.

Anyways you can choose a groovey cause to support and grab a stylish watch as well!
My brother got my the white watch which feeds 10 people!

Rather stylish if you ask me!

I hope you all had a good Christmas and a hope you all have a Happy new year!\


Wednesday, 24 December 2014

☃ Christmas Make Up ☃

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring, apart from a blogger...

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE MY LOVLIES <3! And since I won't blog on christmas a merry christmas!
I hope you all have a very merry christmas and enjoy yourself and eat all the you want (I know I plan to)

Just a quickie today (oioioioioi) my face! aren't you a lucky lot! This is my christmas eve make up!


The Four make up items I used 


Aveda tinted moisturiser mixed with Rimmel wake me up foundation 

Eyelure fake eyelashes 

NYX lip liner in Mauve   

Hope y'all have a good Christmas and I will see you on boxing day! 


Tuesday, 23 December 2014

❂ Last Minute Wrapping ❂

I am going to be completely honest with you, yesterday I had work till 5 and then I really just couldn't be bothered to do a post I usually have a plan about what I am going to write about but yesterday I had nothing, and that is why yesterday only tumble weeds crossed my blog, but today I am full of Festive fun and I am ready to go!!

Today I got some last minute wrapping to do so I thought why now share this moment with my blog, this is what I got my bestie for christmas (she assured me she wouldn't peak at this post).

Beauty schooll droppp outtt....

Stir TEA Dancing do you get it ?!?


My Bestie is a lover of old classic films so when I saw these on www.livinginlalaland.co.uk I knew I had to get them ! 

Then began my failed attempt at wrapping, 


Not really organised but oh well! 

Happy christmas eve eve! 


Sunday, 21 December 2014

♔ Mini Topshop Haul ♔

Presents brought. Check, Christmas decorations all good. Check. Christmas in my eyes is done and dusted all the hassle and worry is all over for my now that I have got all my present I needed to get all with £50 spare, I know christmas is all about giving to others butttttt I happened to walk past a topshop and all my 'festive giving feeling' went out the window. 

I saw this top and I knew I had to have it It is a peachy/browny colour ( although it doesn't show well here) and I am already scheming ideas with what to wear this with!

Never can have to many white cami's!

I saw this in the mens sections (don't be afraid of the mens section!) and It instantly reminded my of a top in the alexander wang x H&M collection! 
So obvy I had to get it!

I also got some little things from ones of those home bargain stores, you know the stores that contain all the crap you didn't know you desperately wanted till you stepped foot into the store.

Sadly my other bag is a Primark


I am scared to look at my bank balance after this...


Saturday, 20 December 2014

✖ Casual Leather ✖

White top: new look
Cardigan:top man
Trousers: asos
Boots: primark  
The saying that comes into my mind when I see this outfit is the classic mullet line 'business in the front party in the back' but it's more like 'party on the bottom casual on the top' and I like that, I some times feel a bit intimidated by leather I end up like Ross from friends every time I go to the toilet but I want to enter this leggings I got from asos into my wardrobe more! 

Hope y'all are having a good day! 


Friday, 19 December 2014

♠ London Bound // Outfit ♠

Another outfit post?!?! You're god damn right.


Boots : next 
Hat :H&M
Jumper: Marks and sparks 
Coat :Primark 

This Look is heavily inspired by Fearne Cotten! I love her style and You should definitely check her out!