Sunday, 29 June 2014

✩Prada Candy Florale✩

Ello Darrrrliiinnggggss! 

Recently it was my birthday and I received lots of lovely presents for the people I laveee the most, but one stood out above the rest. It was the ‘Prada Candy Florale’ perfume. I didn't ask for this so it was a very unexpected, at first I was a bit wary of the perfume as when it comes to scents I am incredibly picky. But when I smelt it OMG my nose literally exploded it was so nice (okay maybe not literally). To try and describe it is a very floral perfume so if you prefer muskier tones then I don't recommend it but I am more of a fan of the floral scent so i adore this perfume. 

I have the 30ml bottle which is the smallest and usually I do quite a lot of sprits before i leave the house but this scent is strong (with out being overbearing) so I only have to do 2-3 sprits and I am done! 

also the bottle is really cool- so I lave it♕ 


Saturday, 28 June 2014

✌My Favourite Make-Up Products✌

Ello Darlings!!

I love make-up honestly I have SO MUCH its ridiculous, but I wanted to show you my favourites that I swear by! (I feel like I have said ‘i’ a lot in that first sentence.) 

The first is my ‘Smokin’ Eyes, eye &brow makeover kit’ from Benefit. I take this little kit everywhere with me as when it comes to eyebrows and am hooked. When I die I want to be remembered for my eyebrow game being strong. I am a strong believer that a well groomed eyebrow can pull a whole look together so I have GOT to keep them well groomed. All day every day. 

Next it my ‘Natural collection, Sun Tint Bronzing Powder’ in golden glow. It give a subtle glow to your face that is so natural people will think that you have just be causally lying by a pool, instead of hiding in your room with you laptop.

My next product is not necessary make up but it is something I stand by, it is my ‘Travalo’ which is a on the go perfume holder (that is the best way I could describe it!) Basically it holds a small sample of your favourite perfume so you can have it on the go with out carrying a big ol’ perfume bottle with you. Totes handy. 

The kohl liner that I stand by and is by far my favourite is the ‘Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Liner’. I have tried all different types of kohl liners from Mac to Miss Sporty but this is by far the one that stays the longest and is so pigmented, it is the bomb dot com. 

My final Product is I think the most expensive but is the product I literally could NOT live without, it is the ‘Clinique Pore Refining Primer’ and words can not justify its wonders. 

Well that is it for another day! 


Thursday, 26 June 2014

♕Vanessa Hudgens//Queen Of Coachella♕

Ello Suger Plums ! 

Another Style icon for you Vanessa Hudgens! 

Ever since High School Musical I  have adored Vanessa, Especially most recent style of  her boohoo mixed with punk that I just DIE for! The outfits she is most recently known for is her Coachella looks Which in my opinion just blow everyone else into the weeds. 

She mixed bright colours with a bohemian/gypsy style dresses on two occasions and went barefoot on another, if that isn't fashion dedication then I don't know what is! All the while she carried around a fan which gave all her outfits a chic edge. She also had another accessory that I am SO envious of- Her Boyfriend.

It's not only Vanessa's style I envy with a passion, she also had a 'rocking body' which after researching in great lengths her exorcise routine has consequently made me book five yoga classes. Not only that, after seeing Vanessa sporting new beachy, Blondie locks at Coachella I have cried into my cereal on two occasions. *sigh*

Maybe some day! 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

❀Day In My Life ❀

Ello My Crumpets! 

I wanted to do a little ‘Come Along With Me’ style blog post today as I actually left my bed this morning! Hurrah! 

I started this morning how I start every morning with a good all cup of tea as with out a bit of caffeine in my system I literally can not function at all. I like my tea realllllly milky as that is how tea is SUPPOSE to be! 

As I had a little time to kill I decided to kill some zombies. I found the game ‘Dead Island’ tucked away in the sale bargain bin for a fiver and I was like ‘MINE’. I adore this game as its practically therapy for five squid. Bargain. 

Holiday season is approaching so I had to get my lazy arse off the the gym to do at least a little bit of exorcise before my holiday( A Woop Woop!) I done 10 minutes on the running machine and 5 on the rowing machine before I passed out and went home, Ah well, at least I done some ay! 

When I  got home I had some lunch. To try and remain healthy I had  a ‘Chicken Caesar Salad’ from Tesco which as salad goes is really nice! So I chowed down on that whilst watching the the new episode of KUWTK (so good). 

Then I panicked when I saw the time as I realised I only had half a hour to get ready. But I managed to make it to Nando’s to met my old school chums and eat the most delicious cheese cake ever *drools*. 
I am wearing, Kimono from river island, white crop top from topshop
and white skirt from H&M!

Then I came home and returned to bed, how exciting! 


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

♡Paris Street Style - A Book Review♡

Ello My Petite Bonbons! (french twist),

Today is a little different as I am going to be doing a book review of ‘Paris Street Style - A Guide To Effortless Chic’ by Isabelle Thomas &Frédérique Veysset. 

A quick Run down of the book is that is is a guide (DURR) on how to look as chic as the people who walk the streets of Paris. As Paris is the place I have been longing to go ever since I was a little girl as soon as I saw the word ‘Paris’ I instantly took shine to it, especially as it holds to secrets to looking as sophisticated and classy as the women who walk the streets of Paris everyday. 

The book gives helpful tips about trying to find your own style and teaches the power of accessories, basically it is a 191 paged holy grail that contains sweet golden nuggets of information and tips to teach you how to look chic and flawless no matter what age/size/whatever. Read this and every street will be your own personal runway. 

I got mine  from Waterstones for £15.99 but I am sure you can get it from anywhere that sells books (amazon,WH Smiths’s etc.) But I highly recommend you buy it as it is very informative and sassssyyyy!  Or don’t. You know, don't let me rule your life! 


Monday, 23 June 2014

❀Whats In My Bag? ❀

Ello my lovely darlings!

Today I decided to do one of the classics, a ‘What Is In My Bag?’ post, I must warn you I have a lot of crap in my bag so this was not only a blog post but also an excuse to clean it out all the horribleness at the bottom of my bag. 

This is my bag.

My bag is the Armani Exchange Studded Chelsea Satchel that I got recently on my holiday to Dubai and it contains my life, I love this bag as it has a long strap so I can just throw it on to my shoulder and be on my way. 

And this is all the stuff I have in my bag. I apologise in advance for the amount of random stuff I manage to squeeze into this bag.  

First thing first (I’m the realest-IGGY) I better explain my ‘grow your own Jesus’. A friend of mine brought this for me so after a night out I can apologise to Jesus about my sins. It is the best present I have ever been given. He has lived happily in my bag for a little while but as summer is looming, I shall grow him! 

Next is my copy of ‘The Craft’ book, on my train journeys to and from London/Dorset I like to have a little read and this book contains a lot of lil’ tips and tricks all about hair and make up and fashion and basically everything I love. HAIL LOU TEASDALE QUEEN. 

My (fake) Mulberry purse has lived through 2 years and at least 13 bag changes. It holds all my cards and over 36 receipts (I counted). I do need a new one as it is starting to tear in places but I cant bear to be with out it! 

The Conjuring is my favourite horror movie and therefore I carry it around with me at all times and watch it at any given chance (I decided the background/ filter for this photo should be scary OoOoOhHhHhH.) 

My makeup bag is defiantly a necessity so I can touch up my face through out the day. The one I own is from Primark and it has an E on it as my name is Ella. 

Next is my disposable camera, another present that puts different phrases on to your pictures such as ‘My Bitches’ which of course is an essential to everyones life.

Another bag candy of mine is my cat eye sunglasses from Newlook and to protect my glasses from any damage from my ‘block hole bag’, a pink polka dot snap case from Primark. 

A ticket from a 1975 concert. OBVIOUSLY. (I put the leaf on it to make it look arty). 

Nurofen, because you never know when a headache is going to spring up on you.

And the rest is just little knickknack things that where bouncing around at the bottom of my bag. Which includes… *clears throat*

  • Baths and Body Works ‘anti-bacterial and gel’ in Midnight pomegranate.
  • Hand food ‘hydrating hand cream’ form Soap&Glory.
  • My fish eye lens form Amazon,
  • Two chocker necklaces.
  • ‘A Great Kisser’ Soap&Glory lip balm. 
  • Extra spearmint gum (spearmint is the best).
  • Earphones, OBVS.
  • Spare contact lenses.
  • A Pandora ring.
  • 30p.

And that is the contents of my bag, I went for a very garden themed photo shoot today as the weather was LOVELLLY however now I am going back in to my dark room and have a nap. NIGHT. 


Sunday, 22 June 2014

♕Kendall/Kylie Jenner ♕

Fashion inspo~ Kylie/Kendall Jenner 

Honestly, I have only just joined the ever growing amount of people who are ‘Keeping up with the Kardashions’ and it is something I will never regret! People will say a lot about the Kardashion/Jenner clan but they must admit their style is ON POINT. They know how to work the red carpet and the media especially the youngest two. 

Kylie and Kendall Jenner have recently become my newest fashion icons. I especially love Kylie’s every day style but most recently have been adoring Kendall's red carpet dresses. The double split Fausto Puglisi dress from his fall/winter 2013/2014 collection that she wore to the MMVA’s in Toronto was STUNNING. I adored the double split that showed her hip bones and gave the perfect mix of shock factor and class. I feel this dress represents my most honoured life quotes ‘if you got it flaunt it’ and she most definitely has it (but it also left me questioning if she was wearing any knickers…??) I also admired her Met gala dress which was a classy sophisticated ‘mermaid’ number from Topshop in a perfect champagne colour that made me want to reach in to my computer screen and take the dress for my own! Her hair was also back combed to give this 80’s rocker look that added a bit of edge to her outfit. Also her neck was adorned with a diamond necklace that is although a classic it probably costed more then my house. Sad face. 


But when it comes to everyday style Kylie Jenner is queen. I recently watched an interview with her where she stated ‘I mostly take my fashion inspiration from men’ and I can see how she would be inspired by mens fashion as her sister is married to Kanye West who is currently dominating the mens fashion world. Her everyday style has an easy going vibe that has a mix of punk rock with a girly twist, she is bang on trend and is also a bit out there (HELLLOOO blue haaairrrrr), so it grabs the media’s attention whilst looking gorgeous which is every true fashionistas dream. Kylie also says in the interview that her tumblr is a true representation of her style and after spending many hours browsing through it, I can confirm that her tumblr is just life.


But one question has haunted me for ages… HOW IS KENDALL JENNER SO PRETTY? LIKE WHAT THE HELL. 

So I am going to cry while I eat a supreme pizza and wonder why I wasn't born a kardashion. MERP. 

TTFN x (honestly I am not paid to say this about them I just love them) 

Saturday, 21 June 2014

✖Acrylic Nails ✖

Ello Poppets!

I had my nails done yesterday, so currently I am finding it VERY hard to type so please excuse the little amount of writing on this post, its taking me about 5 minutes to write each sentence! But you know what they say, beauty is pain, and isn't that the truth!

My nails before where terrible I am one of the select few of the population that bite my nails, I know it is a crime and I am terribly sorry but my fellow nail bitters can relate with me. However as I have what I like to refer to as ‘pig trotters’ I have always longed for elegant nails so I took the plunge and got acrylics. I let my friend who it taking a beauty course have her way with my nails and I am pleasantly surprised (and as I was her test dummy I got them done for free. YAS.) 

So this was before 

PiGgY hAnDs  

And this is afteerrrrr

Black like my soul.

It is so strange to have long nails after going years with having little stubs. I am a bit worried about how to get them off after reading a lot of articles on the internet about the nail coming off with the acrylic! (What the actual F**K) but I am sure I will be alright… hopefully! 


Friday, 20 June 2014

OOTD & hello

Ello There!

I have decided to give this blogging stuff a go, it is my new summer project to create one but, I am new at all this, so please be patient with me while I sort out all the lil’ bits and bobs!
I have decided to start with something nice an OOTD! YAY! 
The theme of this blog will probably revolve around make up and fashion as they are the topics in which my own life revolves around. So lets get started!

The outfit below is what I wore to see ‘The Fault In Our Stars’. Which so happens to be the BEST/SADDEST movie EVER. I read the book on holiday but it in no way shape or form prepared me for the film GO SEE IT, you will laugh, you will cry, but it will change you and leave you asking yourself, Why John Green? Why? 
ANYWAYS here is my outfit. 
the higher the angle, the more it hides my double chin

How very sassy. 
I am wearing a white high neck ribbed crop top from river island with what I like to call my ‘candy pants’ which are from Topshop and just some black flats from H&M. Hurrah for H&M!

I used the app Afterlight to edit my photos, I adore this app as it has a wide range of natural filters. my personal favourites are ‘magnolia’ and ‘horine’.

Also I am obsessed with chocker necklaces and I believe the more the merrier, I love to layer my necklaces to add a bit more the the plain top, (I might do a whole blog post on chocker necklaces. HMMMM??) 

Well adios for now! Thanking you kindly for clicking of this strange blog and I shall back soon with probably another OOTD or maybe something a little more interesting?