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Ello My Crumpets! 

I wanted to do a little ‘Come Along With Me’ style blog post today as I actually left my bed this morning! Hurrah! 

I started this morning how I start every morning with a good all cup of tea as with out a bit of caffeine in my system I literally can not function at all. I like my tea realllllly milky as that is how tea is SUPPOSE to be! 

As I had a little time to kill I decided to kill some zombies. I found the game ‘Dead Island’ tucked away in the sale bargain bin for a fiver and I was like ‘MINE’. I adore this game as its practically therapy for five squid. Bargain. 

Holiday season is approaching so I had to get my lazy arse off the the gym to do at least a little bit of exorcise before my holiday( A Woop Woop!) I done 10 minutes on the running machine and 5 on the rowing machine before I passed out and went home, Ah well, at least I done some ay! 

When I  got home I had some lunch. To try and remain healthy I had  a ‘Chicken Caesar Salad’ from Tesco which as salad goes is really nice! So I chowed down on that whilst watching the the new episode of KUWTK (so good). 

Then I panicked when I saw the time as I realised I only had half a hour to get ready. But I managed to make it to Nando’s to met my old school chums and eat the most delicious cheese cake ever *drools*. 
I am wearing, Kimono from river island, white crop top from topshop
and white skirt from H&M!

Then I came home and returned to bed, how exciting! 


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