✩Prada Candy Florale✩


Ello Darrrrliiinnggggss! 

Recently it was my birthday and I received lots of lovely presents for the people I laveee the most, but one stood out above the rest. It was the ‘Prada Candy Florale’ perfume. I didn't ask for this so it was a very unexpected, at first I was a bit wary of the perfume as when it comes to scents I am incredibly picky. But when I smelt it OMG my nose literally exploded it was so nice (okay maybe not literally). To try and describe it is a very floral perfume so if you prefer muskier tones then I don't recommend it but I am more of a fan of the floral scent so i adore this perfume. 

I have the 30ml bottle which is the smallest and usually I do quite a lot of sprits before i leave the house but this scent is strong (with out being overbearing) so I only have to do 2-3 sprits and I am done! 

also the bottle is really cool- so I lave it♕ 


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