Thursday, 31 July 2014

✖ Topshop Longline Camel Coat // Fashion Trend ✖

New obsession. 

I am a lover of coats and jackets and I know what you are probably thinking it is july/ August why on earth would you be think of coats at a time like this, but autumn is coming up and I promise you want to be the first one out there with a fly looking coat. 


All the catwalks for 2014 autumn / winter have pointed towards beige/ camel coloured longline/ boyfriend coats and I have been looking for the perfect camel coat for AGES but yesterday i was scrolling through topshop when alas! A camel coat! 


I Intend to be purchasing it shortly. 

Only a lil’ post today! #fashion #topshop YASSS ! 


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

✌ Vanessa Hudgens Hair // Bob Hair Trend ✌

One of my ultimate hair crush woman is Vanessa Hudgens. In the past I have made a post about how flawless her fashion sense / boyfriend / face is and now I am shining light on to her beyond average hair. 

First let us raise up our hands and salute her Coachella 2014 mermaid hair. The classic boho-vibe that Vanessa portrays through out her whole Coachella experiences was intensified this year by her blonde goldeny mermaid hair that was long and flowey that just screamed 'boho badass comin' at ya' and I LOVE her hat.  

Her next venture was cutting all off her long locks to go for a shorter curler ombre bob, which looked PHENOMENAL, also her outfit was on point for the young hollywood award ceremony and that stomach WOW I am defiantly going to start going to the gym! 

I feel that bob / 'cutting you'r hair really short' hairstyle has become and new thing when it comes to celebrity hair, first to start the chain reaction was Miley cyrus and everyone else followed! This list includes Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lawrence and now my beloved Vanessa Hudgens! 

I feel like I would love to take the plunge and snip off all my hair into a bob but I am to chicken! Maybe someday! 


Sunday, 27 July 2014

♡ Dirty dancing inspired outfit // OOTD ♡

This Weekend I went to see a outside screening/picnic thingy of Dirty Dancing and honestly it was great! Picnic food and dirty dancing equals a great day out, plus the Event was sponsored by Benefit so there was loads of freebies, which of course was an extra bonus!

I decided as I am going to see dirty dancing I might as well dress with the influence of the 1950’s/60’s so I scoured the film to find an outfit that would look fashionable now but had influences of Dirty Dancing! And huzzah I found the outfit that ticked all the right boxes! 

In the picture above you can see Baby wearing white jeans with a plaid top and I was like YAS BITCH YASS. SoI tied up the bottom of the shirt and cuffed the jeans but over all almost identical outfits HURRAH! 

Overall It was a really fun night and I suggest everyone go and enjoy the great outdoors and even if you dont have the money the cinema, just have a picnic and enjoy those sunny beams! 


Thursday, 24 July 2014

☢ The Lazy Day Tag ! ☢

I thought I would share with you lovely people of the internet a bit of what I do on my lazy days, which is like everyday now that it is summer! 

What is your lazy day skincare routine? 

I give my face some lovin’ on my lazy days so I usually use a face mask ( my fav kind is Montagne Jeunesse) and once I have cleaned that all off I put on my Clearasil Rapid Action Treatment Cream on any imperfections! 

What is your lazy day makeup? 

On lazy days I tend not to wear any makeup I only put a little vaseline on my eyelashes to make them grow and give them a lil’ love! 

What is your lazy day hair style? 

Top knot all the time every time. 

What is your lazy day outfit?

I usually just wear a top and some sweatsssssss. 

What is your lazy day scent?

The pomergratey smell of my deodorant. 

What is your lazy day pamper routine? 

Normally on lazy days I run my self a bubble baths and to make sure I get the bubbliest of bubbles i use a LUSH product (which I have currently have run out of) and I mix it with Imperial leather’s Ocean Fresh revitalising shower gel (which I am currently running low on). 

What is your lazy day snack & drink? 

Double stuffed oreo’s with a cup of tea *drools* 

So those are my answers! 


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

☠ OOTD // Mini Primark Haul July 2014 ☠

Todays blog post is going to be a Longer-then-before-but-not-to-long post, I feel like I have just been writing very short posts recently so I’m going to try change that today. 

Today I went to town determined to find some nice things in Primark for less then £15, (I have zero money because I spent it all when I was on holiday~oops). 

This is what I wore, some dirty white converse with a white crop top from River Island and some VERY pale pink chino/cigarette trousers from H&M. Very pale theme to my outfit today.

So with Costa in hand I entered Primark. Primark scares me. There is people everywhere fighting for the best deals and I feel like I need to sit in the conner and fight for air. But its the best thing ever. So after half an hour and taking into consideration the rise of Primark prices and the fall the content of my purse over the past month I am pretty happy with my purchases! 

I got a really pretty pale pink (I’m in a pink mood) small satchel-type bag. As this bag is quite small it will force me to carry only the essentials when I leave the house and because of that this bag is perfect and it was £8 BARGIN!

The other thing I brought was a summery sleeping set/knickers I thought this was so cute and for £4 I needed to get it! 

I also saw, but sadly did not buy, some fake timberland boots for £15! which next time I go to Primark I will get!!! I love that fact that Primark do fakes of so many things it just makes me so happy especially with winter coming up! 

And thats pretty much it for today, See you’s later!


Saturday, 19 July 2014

✖ Roll Neck Jumpers // Fashion Trend ✖

Because I spend 95% of the time re-watching fashion week videos on youtube (the other 5% is spent on eating), I have noticed a few things. One of these things is that this winter roll neck jumpers are back. 

I was watching Top Shop’s ‘Unique Autumn Winter 2014 Ready To Wear’ catwalk and I noticed a lot of the models wearing roll neck jumpers. 

So I was like HMMMM. So then I clicked on Chanel’s Fall Winter 2014/2015 Fashion Show and OMG roll necks galore! 

I also thinking a good way to pair the jumper with some big ass sunglasses!

So I am guessing this winter you better get your hands on some roll neck jumpers, I have browsed through the back of my mum’s wardrobe and found these babies. 

I paired it with my sunnies and some denim shorts from New Look cause it is still hot as hell outside! 

So there you go I hope this came in handy for you lot! 


Thursday, 17 July 2014

✩ Wish List ✩

Fashion is something I love. The crap thing about loving fashion though, is that like the seasons, it changes regularly so today’s post will be my wish list, all the stuff i wanna buy but don’t have the money~ :( . 

First up is a faux fur coat, I know what you are thinking it is like 100 degrees outside why on earth would you want a coat, but in summer, coat prices drop a load so the price of this has gone from £80 to £40 which is quite a bargain- if I had £40. 

The next thing I would like is baxter jeans from Topshop, its like is boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans had a baby. I love them. 

Another item is the ‘whirl’ lipliner from mac, it is the lipliner used by Kylie Jenner and much to my dismay is out of stock. 

Sunglasses is something I wear in summer and winter (snow glare DUH!) so these ones from Top Shop will keep me chic all year~ hell yeah! 

Last but not least is something I have been craving but can not find on the Internet/in Shops/ In my mums shoes closet and that upsets me immensely. It is the Adidas superstar trainers. Just look at them. 

And thats all the things I want! better start saving those pennies!


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

☯Summer Outfits Part 2!☯ 

So I have literally ‘just touched down in London town’ as I am writing this but I wanted to update as SOON as possible so here is PART TWO of my holiday outfits! Hip hip hooray! 

I shall start where I dropped off ~ Night four! 

On night four I was feeling very cosmopolitan with my white blazer and although you can’t see it I had my hair in a slicked back pony tail. Add on my shades and it looked like I was off to make business calls. On my bluetooth. 
"yeah yeah lets do lunch hunnneeeeyyy"

Night five I was having a very causal night so I wore my black playsuit from Primark (I also took a huge amount of selfies… ;) ) 

Night six I wore some high waisted scallop edged duck egg blue shorts (phewwww… that was long), with a black crop top from top shop and a lacy kimono from new look. 

The last night (as it is tradition) I wore all white, I wore a white maxi skirt from forever 21 and a white racer front crop top from River Island! 

And that is it holiday done! 

p.s pinky swear I shall update sooner :D 


Friday, 11 July 2014

☯Summer Outfits☯ 

The sun and the sea, two things that I enjoy the most. So because I am currently on the other half of Europe (Greece) for a week I am feeling particularly mellow and chilled, so I thought why not show some loovvlleyy people on the internet what I wore on my body?! Sounds like a great plan!

The first night out I wore a simple white skirt from H&M with a pink cami with my beloved kimono from River Island, with my flat forms that I got from New Look (btw love these shoes as you will be able to tell later on…)

The second night out I wore a top from River Island that is very tropical and shows of my shoulders a lil’, I wore them with some black shorts and my SHOOOE’S! 

On the third night I wore some high wasted patterned shorts from River Island (as you can tell I am River island obsessed) with a white blouse that I brought FOREVER ago in forever 21 (get it?!), and of course my flat forms. 

Close up of the shorties 

This was only a tiny one as I can see the pool out of the corner of my eye and it is just begging to be dive-bombed but I promise ! will do a part two when i get back!~MWAH ♡ 


Monday, 7 July 2014


On friday I had my prom, it was a great night full of dancing and drama, but the real reason behind me attending was that I got to dress up. REALLY dress up, and as an aspiring fashionista it was an event I have been planning for, for months. 

I didn’t want my dress to be the ‘traditional’ prom kind of dress so after hours of scouring blue water (a HUGMUNGUS shopping centre) we entered Lipsy. By this time I had reached the end of my rope and was seriously considering pulling the plug on the whole idea of prom but then I came across this dress. 

I was in love. As I tried it on the music stopped and was replaced by a promotional message by Kim Kardashion telling me she had a new collection with Lipsy and that ‘You look stunning you Lipsy girrrrlllll’. I took this as a sign from the heavens and brought the dress. 

I decided to team up the dress with black heels that I had purchased in primark (ssshhh) and on the day I got my hair done at the salon which resulted in big voluminous hair which granted me the new nickname of ‘Pricilla Presley’. 

Prom was really fun and I encourage everyone to try and attend theirs, even if you are worried about not having a date or anything as long as you have you friends and a DJ everything will be fine! 
Now for some lil' photos of me at prom...

meh legssss


And at the end of the night I promise just like me you will be left with tears in your eyes and blisters on your feet. 


Friday, 4 July 2014

✩Duster coats✩

From a 5 second look on wikipedia I have learnt that duster coats have been around for ages, although originally they were worn on the turn of the twentieth century by both men and women to  ‘protect their clothes when riding in open motorcars on the dirt roads of the day’ they recently have made a come back to fashion. However nowadays they are more used for style rather then practicality. They first made there appearance in new york fashion week in the fall and are now currently being sold in shops such as topshop and asos for us who don't have the money for Chanel (for example moi- I am brooookke)

From this.... this!

I adore duster coats they add an air of sophistication to any outfit, add some oversized sunglasses and you will look like you have just stepped off the catwalk, even if you are just popping into Tesco’s. I am currently lovin’ the summer alternative to a duster coat. A duster kimono! they are a lot more light weight and most importantly a lot cheaper! 

The duster coat/ Kimono’s I like is the black duster kimono from topshop I showed you earlier as I feel black will go with eeevvveeerything and doubles up as a bikini cover up in the summer. I also decided I wanted (needed) the pale blue duster coat from asos as my favourite colour is blue and I feel like it adds a bit of colour to my outfits in the fall when I will start to wear it, also I was slightly influenced by Kylie Jenner when she was photographed wearing one and I fell in LOVE! 

Or if you'r lucky you mum/dad/gran/granddad/whoever might have one tucked away somewhere!