Friday, 29 August 2014

☠ Back To School Haul ☠

When it comes to haul posts I tend to be a little bit hesitant to post, If there is one thing that I don't want to come across is that I am bragging or something, but then I thought I love to look at haul posts online because deep down I reckon we are all just really nosey, plus it might inspire some of y'all 'back to school wear ' , so here it my 'Back to School Haul'! 

Because I have some loving relatives that feel sorry because I have literally been stressing over my lack of positive exam results they decided it would be good if I done a little retail therapy (THANK YOU MUM/DAD/NAN/GRANDDAD/UNCLE/AUNITE LOVE YOU <3) and due to the fact that I am attending collage next week (i am honestly petrified) I needed some new groovy clothes. 

So here are all my bags 

So I thought I would do this post kinda like in the style of an 'unboxing' type post but not really more like an 'unbagging' thing, so lets start up with the biggest PRIMARK~ YAS

Headphones - £8, such an impulse buy literally saw them in the queue to pay and brought them! 
Black slip on trainers -£4, good of the days were I just cba with collage. 
holographic slip on trainers-£12, probably one of the best things I have brought ever. 
slouchy winged bag-£10, basically the Celine trapeze bag for a tenner, COULD THIS GET BETTER 

Part shirt/part jumper-£12, keep me warm and smart YAS!

white polo neck top -£4 , CHEAP I LAVE IT


body chain-£12.50 , I saw Kylie Jenner wear one so I had to buy it.
'same chic different day' top-£18, BRO I LOVE THIS. 
grey roll neck-£10, never go wrong with a roll neck. 

close up of the sunnies-£5, they were on sale YES. 

Forever 21~ 

A new addition to the many English shops out there and I love it! 

White tank top-£0 - was a buy one get one free with the shoes!
black pointed (witch like) flats- £11, I have been searching for shoes like his for ages!
black jeans-£12.75 , never  an go wrong with black jeans. 

close up of the shoes- 

H&M and River Island~ 

Only lil' stuff from here,

H&M-£12.99- leggings are a must OBVSSS

 lil' crop top -£6- maybe  little to little for me....

Group shoot!

Yeah so thats all the stuff i brought, all very black grey and white hay!


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

✩ I'm so fancy // smart (ish) outfits ✩

Due to the fact that I have like failed 90% of my exams I have been running around like a headless chicken to try find a school that will except me and this means one thing INTERVIEWS. Blah. But it give me an excuse to put together some smart-ish /causal ( I am technically still on summer break) outfits!

First up is my 'boy' smart outfit, a blue shirt with black jeans, the jeans I had on has ripped knees to add a lil' edge to my outfit, i also had on these High heeled booty type things that I got from Primark! 

My next outfit is on the more causal side of things but still looks smart, I chose my white blouse from forever 21 with my baby blue shorts from Dorothy Perkins with my white converse! 

And thats my smart-kinda-not-really outfits, also heres a photo after a done the ALS ice bucket challenge So I challenge all of YOU reading to do it! All 5 of you ;) ! COMMON GUYS ITS FOR CHARITY


Sunday, 24 August 2014

♡ VMA 2014 Red Carpet Fashion ♡

Due to the fact that I have the attention span of a goldfish, when I chose to watch something for two hours straight WITHOUT eating/drinking/going for a wee/playing on my phone there is a good reason for it. The VMA awards was on late sunday night (live from America) so I watched the entire red carpet live stream. WHY? you may ask? Because VMA fashion DURRRRRRR!

Lets start with my personal fav outfit's fifth harmony! Fifth harmony isn't really known in England/UK but I think they were on x-factor US? Not to sure, but I am sure that their fashion is ON POINT!

All of them LOOK AMAZING! My personal favourites  are the two on the end the silky/flared out black dress and the sparkly leggings with a fur jacket. Perfection!

Then of course the Kardashion's! Not to much a fan of Kims cape/dress thing but I love Kendall and Kylie's dress/pant suit, mesh, bra thing. Both are just classics! 

Kendalls waist is smaller that my achievements though :( 

Then we have the ladies in red, Rita , Demi and Cher. LOVE IT. 

my screen grab I done of cher does not do her dress any justice, soz cher ITS THE ONLY PHOTO I COULD FIND

Then there are the outfit's that I didn't expect to see BUT I LOVED THEM! 

First up is Amber Rose who look OUTSTANDING she has the right curves and everything to pull off this outfit, I am just saying Kim better watch out when Kanye see's what he missed out on! 

N'AWWWWW her and wiz :3

Next up is Ariana Grande! She surprised me in the best way, say goodbye the 50's dresses and hello to sexy leather! Obv's she kept her classic ponytail and why wouldn't she? She looks so good! Fair play to her! WORK IT 

Then we had some patterned playsuits/jumpsuits which I loved/kinda felt like they were in there pi's?? But still look fab! 


I do love leopard print ;) ;) 

And going In the theme of twos we have the black bandu (that how to spell it??) top showed by Jordan Dunn and Miley Cyrus! 

So what did I learn from the VMA's ? 

That black bandu's/ patterned playsuits/red dresses and leather Is TOTES IN? 
or that Crazy eyes is SEXY?!?!?! 


Right now I am off to bed NIGHT!!


Saturday, 23 August 2014

☯ New Shoes // Leopard Print Slip On Trainers ☯

New shoes.  I love em. Especially these new ones that I got from Primark for only £8!! They are leopard print slip on trainers and they are OMG AMAZING. 

When it recently been loving' leopard print things although I do feel a bit like Pat Butcher I've got a feeling like it adds a little something to my outfit! 

These shoes have me pleasantly surprised at Primark! Because You can get slip on shoes like these ones for like £20 so I am happy with this bargain! 

Hope you like these shoes!


Thursday, 21 August 2014

✌ Mini Primark Haul August 2014 ✌

Due to the impending doom that is results day I decided to indulge in some retail therapy, Some i headed down to Primark to meet my needs! 

here are the things I got!

Playsuit - £13

Shoesss- £8

braaaaaaaa- £4 (bargin!)

mens tracksuit botttoomss -£5!!

So yeah! just a short one cause today is D-Day! wish me luck!


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

✖ V&A // Day Out In London ✖

When I heard about the new wedding dress collection at the V&A 's I knew I just HAD to go, I love dresses not a fact that many people would assume due to the fact that I don't wear them ( I have serious issues with my knee caps in dresses, they just look strange) I love the simplicity of dresses as an outfit rather then finding trousers and a top, and what is the most extravagant dresses out there? Wedding dresses. 

Also the trip to the V&A also showed me how much my dedication to my little blog has grown due to the fact I went AGAINST THE RULES (totes badass) and took pictures of some dresses to show you guys, which did result in my getting told off. Twice. Ah well Cel la vie! 

Here are a couple of my fav's....

Yes this IS a wedding dress, the 60's maaann

The next photo is of my personal favourite dress, the kind I want for my own wedding (If I ever get married) and also it is very blurry because i noticed the security coming over to tell me to stop taking pictures. Oooops. 


Oh also here is what I was wearing, 

leather trousers - Asos 

blue t-shirt - Topshop (?? i think

jacket - forever 21 

watch - new look 

So If i don't post for a while its because V & A's have found this post and killed me off. 


Sunday, 17 August 2014

♔ Kylie Jenner inspired outfits ♔

Kylie Jenner is one of my obsessions. As you can probably tell. I have done a number of blog posts about her, and now I am going to do another one.  

Kylie's clothes are most probably channel or gucci or some other beautiful design but one pair of jeans more than likely cost more then my entire wardrobe, So I thought why not create some 'budget' Kylie Jenner inspired outfits! 

In this outfit Kylie is wearing a black turtle neck sleeveless top with some leather shorts with some sort of chain crossing the side of her shorts. So to recreate this outfit I got a similar top from asos with some black shorts from new look and attached a golden chain necklace from one belt loop to another! 


Kylie's Coachella look showed us all how rock and roll she can be, so to recreate this look I just have an old grey tank top with my black shorts from new look again (unfortualty I couldn't find a bum bag *sadface* ) toped off with a camel hat that I got from H&M


Probably the easiest of the lot to do, this one is pretty simple just a plaid shirt and some shorts! my shorts are from new look and I can't remember where the shirt is from. SORRY.


This find should probably get me a spot of bargain hunters. WHY? because i was able to find a similar dress to Kylie's in primark for £5!!!!!!!! holy crap!!!!

This one if defiantly my favourite outfit, Leather trousers, t-shirt and some nude heels. LOVE IT! I got my trousers from asos and the top from Urban outfitters and the heels from New Look! 

Last Is a just a little tip I have, If you wanna complete the Kylie Jenner look then LAYER THOSE NECKLACES GURLLLL! 

I don't have as much bling as her though :( 

PHEWWWWWW that was a long one!