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When it comes to haul posts I tend to be a little bit hesitant to post, If there is one thing that I don't want to come across is that I am bragging or something, but then I thought I love to look at haul posts online because deep down I reckon we are all just really nosey, plus it might inspire some of y'all 'back to school wear ' , so here it my 'Back to School Haul'! 

Because I have some loving relatives that feel sorry because I have literally been stressing over my lack of positive exam results they decided it would be good if I done a little retail therapy (THANK YOU MUM/DAD/NAN/GRANDDAD/UNCLE/AUNITE LOVE YOU <3) and due to the fact that I am attending collage next week (i am honestly petrified) I needed some new groovy clothes. 

So here are all my bags 

So I thought I would do this post kinda like in the style of an 'unboxing' type post but not really more like an 'unbagging' thing, so lets start up with the biggest PRIMARK~ YAS

Headphones - £8, such an impulse buy literally saw them in the queue to pay and brought them! 
Black slip on trainers -£4, good of the days were I just cba with collage. 
holographic slip on trainers-£12, probably one of the best things I have brought ever. 
slouchy winged bag-£10, basically the Celine trapeze bag for a tenner, COULD THIS GET BETTER 

Part shirt/part jumper-£12, keep me warm and smart YAS!

white polo neck top -£4 , CHEAP I LAVE IT


body chain-£12.50 , I saw Kylie Jenner wear one so I had to buy it.
'same chic different day' top-£18, BRO I LOVE THIS. 
grey roll neck-£10, never go wrong with a roll neck. 

close up of the sunnies-£5, they were on sale YES. 

Forever 21~ 

A new addition to the many English shops out there and I love it! 

White tank top-£0 - was a buy one get one free with the shoes!
black pointed (witch like) flats- £11, I have been searching for shoes like his for ages!
black jeans-£12.75 , never  an go wrong with black jeans. 

close up of the shoes- 

H&M and River Island~ 

Only lil' stuff from here,

H&M-£12.99- leggings are a must OBVSSS

 lil' crop top -£6- maybe  little to little for me....

Group shoot!

Yeah so thats all the stuff i brought, all very black grey and white hay!


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