✩ I'm so fancy // smart (ish) outfits ✩


Due to the fact that I have like failed 90% of my exams I have been running around like a headless chicken to try find a school that will except me and this means one thing INTERVIEWS. Blah. But it give me an excuse to put together some smart-ish /causal ( I am technically still on summer break) outfits!

First up is my 'boy' smart outfit, a blue shirt with black jeans, the jeans I had on has ripped knees to add a lil' edge to my outfit, i also had on these High heeled booty type things that I got from Primark! 

My next outfit is on the more causal side of things but still looks smart, I chose my white blouse from forever 21 with my baby blue shorts from Dorothy Perkins with my white converse! 

And thats my smart-kinda-not-really outfits, also heres a photo after a done the ALS ice bucket challenge So I challenge all of YOU reading to do it! All 5 of you ;) ! COMMON GUYS ITS FOR CHARITY


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