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I am a lover of coats and jackets, they are my addiction. Some people love shoes and some people love bags (which I both also love) but my Achilles heel is jackets and coats. I have so many that they won't all fit in my wardrobe so I have to keep them of a separate rack. 

So I woke up today and was like 'why not show some lovely people on the internet some of my favourite coats and jackets!' And here they are! 

group shot

These are a small collection of the coats and jackets (and a blazer that snuck its way in there) I have been wearing and loving at the moment! 

First thing first (I'm the realest) is my white blazer/ jacket.

I love this blazer as it makes me seem like an sophisticated business woman especially when paired with some over sized glasses. 

Next up is my green trench coat type thing which I keep mostly out of sentimental reason's as i brought that jacket with my first pay check N'AWWWW

This is probably the most extravagant coat I have brought and hopefully not the last extravagant coat I will buy. I LOVE IT. It is my faux fur coat from Zara that I got only a couple of weeks ago and it was about £90... I think. 

My leather jacket has become apart of me and honestly my most loved item of clothing EVER. And that says a lot. 

This denim jacket is technically stolen from my mum but I like to call it a time share type thing. I like to add a fur collar on to it to add a little pazaz to an outfit but you can never go wrong with a little denim jacket! 

Just like before I have also borrowed this bomber jacket from my brother... But what could I do I saw the Kardashion's wearing one just like it! 


Next jacket brings back memories, It is my Ikea monkey coat or a shearling coat others might call it,

Last but by no means least is my black 'teddy' bear coat from H&M! 

And there you have it, all my loovvlleyy coats and jackets! 


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