Wednesday, 13 August 2014

❀ NYX Lip Liner Mauve // Kylie Jenner Lips ❀

I envy Kylie Jenner. Her hair. Her money. Her car. And most recently her lips colour. 

She uses the technique of overdrawing her lips slightly to make them seem a bigger then they are, combined with a great lip liner makes her lips look amazing!

I have LONG been hunting for the perfect lip liner that can turn my flakey nasty lips in to a perfect rose shade, and I think I have found it! 

The NYX Lip Liner in the colour Mauve is just the thing I have been looking for! 

So this is my lips beforeeeeee

EWWW! so crusty

And this is after! 

I LOVE IT. It just makes you lips so nice and pouty! 

I highly recommend it! 



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