Sunday, 28 September 2014

✄ Hair Extension Lovin' / Hair Extension Care Tips ✄

My hair is a nightmare, an absolute nightmare its limp and lifeless and just has nothing going for it. So in order to deal with this issue I have got some hair extensions!! WOHAY not so much for the length but for volume! So I thought I would share how I clean and deal with my hair extensions. 

The things you need are : 

  • A brush
  • Shampoo and conditioner 
  • Any hair care products that you would usually use 
  • A hairdryer/ straightener (optional) 
First you wanna do is brush through your extension's so that they are not all tangled for when you wash them. I like to wash mine in the sink with some herbal essences loveliness. 

After you have washed them you can hang them up somewhere so you can apply some product before you hair dry them or leave them to dry naturally. 

Once they are dry then you can style them anyway you like! I prefer to to straightener mine just because they are easier to style! 

Badaboom! Yours done so lets have a classic before and after shot, 

Looks a lot better! Then you wanna store you'r extensions in a safe place to use when you want! Now I better get back to doing the rest of them!


Friday, 26 September 2014

☯ College Clothes #3 ☯

This week is my third week at college, and is also the week that I learnt 'college' is NOT spelt 'collage' so obviously the hard work is paying off! 

Day one.

Top - river island
Jeans -asos
scarf- Topshop
Shoes- Adidas honey's 

Day two. (I mixed up the way I take my photo's a lil' cause the 'mirror-selfie-type-shots' just weren't working for me) 

Jacket - Mums
shirt - topMAN
leggings - H&M
fur collar - primark
Shoes (you can't see the but i thought i'd tell you anyways)- 'geek shoes' from topshop 
Day three. 

Jacket- forever 21
scarf - topshop
cami - new look
jeans- topshop
shoes (ditto)- Adidas honeys 

& for you hair freak's here is a better look at my messy bun ;)))))

The autumn is coming around so get prepared for coats & jackets!!!! 


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

♔ Missguided Wish List ♔

I love Missguided so much so that I spent the good part of two hours scrolling along their website, so I thought why not share with the lovely people on the internet my favourite items! 

*drools* only if I had any money :( 


Sunday, 21 September 2014

♘ Cheap Camel Coat ♘

When I think about camel Coats I think about their cost vs the amount of money in my bank account and it makes me sad. But alas Primark has come to the rescue! 

How much was this lil' lovely you ask? £25!!!!!!! only 25! compared to the topshop one that is 58, this is a steal! Also the Primark ones comes with this detectable fur collar which I love!!! 

This is what it looks like on, 

ello Miley! 

And yes I am wearing a pizza jumper. 


Friday, 19 September 2014

✧ College Clothes #2 ✧

Terribly sorry about the wait, but I have had collage and those days are long! But here is what I put on my body during those long days! 

The first day i wore a jumper and shirt combo both from H&M as in the morning i have to get up at insane o'clock and it was rather chilly but as it warmed up further along in the day I took the jumper off and just wore the shirt! Hurrah for layering! I wore just some simple legging's from topshop with primark booties! 


The second day was just a legging & cami combo with a bomber jacket I recently purchased at primark to add so edge to the outfit thrown over the top. To add a lil' jazzy~ness to my outfit I also wore my leopard print slip on trainers which are also from primark! 


The third and final (and the hottest I might add) day I just wore some denim shorts for new look with a black roll neck crop top from asos and a flannel tied around my waist and my Adidas honey's!

I hope these can give you some ideas about what YOU could wear to collage/school or just out an about!


Monday, 15 September 2014

♡ Topshop SS15 // Trend Spotting ♡

I have watched the topshop SS15 show about 5 times now, why? Because WHY NOT! Here is what I learnt from my all time bestest catwalk. 

First lets start with the tops~ 


I noticed a certain style of top about the catwalk the 'off the shoulder' top with ruffles at the end, 

Will I be buying it - most certainly. 

Another style of top I saw was a 'zip up to the neck' type of deal which again I LOVED it screamed sort of golfing chic witch I LOVED. 

Moving on to the bottoms~

One thing I especially loved the highwasisted 'sandy from Grease-esqe' Trousers, 


Ruffles seemed a definite theme AND I LOVED IT, The shorts with the sweater will FOR SURE be something I wear as soon as they hit the shelf's. 


For coats I am SO glad to see that bombers and the camel coat will be in again next season, makes me very very very happppyyy, 


For dresses it seems the more sheer the dress the BETTERRRRR! 


Elastic clutch and strappy heels. Enough said. 

PHEW. That was long! But worth it! 

If I had to sum up the fashion show I would call it Sporty chic 'n' Stripes and Ruffles 'n' Rouge!

Let me leave you a picture of queen and my fav Alexa Chung, look how great she looked. WHY CANT I LOOK LIKE THAT :(


Sunday, 14 September 2014

♦ My Outfit // Antique Shopping ♦

Today was a nice day, a nice day to do some THRIFT SHOPPING or antique shopping really. Me and my parental folk went down to the coast to find some antique's for our house. And this is what I woreeeee 

Bomber jacket - Primark
White tank - forever 21
body chain - topshop
leggings- H&M
shoes - Primark 

I love shop's like this, they are like junk yards but nicer. Full of knick knack stuff that no one needs but everyone wants for example~ 

A wooden mannequin with fingers half missing 

An old mirror next to a vase full of old scarf's 

An light from a cargo boat on a 1950's chair 

A crusty onion or a crusty ass????

And my personal fav a postcard from 1949, warms the deep depth of ya heart doesn't it? 

And after rummaging around we decided to get some grub, I got some spagbol and a Nutella filled pastry-thing with a hot chocy~ twas very nice. 

If you ever happen to cross a little antique shop I suggest you go in there to have a little look around, even if you haven't a dime in your pocket It's nice to have a look around and see what you could find!