Friday, 31 October 2014

✖ Missguided Haul ✖

Over the past couple of days I have eagerly waiting at my front door for my missguided package. Constantly asking everyone in my house as soon as I walk through the door 'Did I get a package today?!?!?!?!?' but yesterday when I asked the question the answer was YES! HOZARRR

I got a Khaki crop top that was about 10 pounds and some tan suede boots that where £35! I Love them soooooo much especially the boots, be prepared to see them in some outfits posts in the upcoming future!


Also side note can we talk about how pretty Jessica Lange is for just a sec

This woman is like 60. holy moley.

(see you monday!)

Thursday, 30 October 2014

✿ Interview Outfit ✿

I have recently been on a interview I was all ready to go when I got a call from my friend who worked there saying NOT TO WEAR BLACK JEANS.

what. WHAT! I live in black jeans my precious babies rarely leave my legs but appaza they won't hire anyone who wears jeans to an interview. Crap.

So this is what I went for! 'scuse the haggard look I had just got in.

black, white and tartan. I don't know how to wear anything else.


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

✧ Comfy and Cool ?! // Outfit ✧

Going to the cinema is a tricky one. You get people in high heels going out for date night and you get people in tracksuit bottoms who just want to be comfy while they watch a film. So I am left with the dilemma. WhAt ThE hEcK dO i WeAr

I was just going with my best friend around midday so obviously I wasn't going to be in heels but It was still the middle of the day so I didn't want to go to slob-tastic. 

So this is what I went for, 

Top : Amazon ( I Think - It was a christmas present from my amazing friendllyyy) 
Leggings: H & M 
Shoes: Next - they are comfy & smart! and They were on sale!
Coat: Primarkk!  

And thats my outfit! 


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

☠ Last minute Halloween / Clown ☠

I don't like doing thing last minute, I am a huge planner. So when I got a last minute invite to a halloween party you can imagine my panic.


DO I HAVE TIME TO GO BUY AN OUTFIT? (the answer was no I did not)


But alas I managed to pull something together.

I decided to go as a clown because I have been watching a ton of American horror story and one of the new TERRIFYING characters is twisty the clown.

That is one creepy bastard

So I thought why not go as a clown! So here it is my transformatiooooonnnnnn.....
(Note to reader- I am not a make up artist)

jesus I am shiny
 So I am starting out just with my plain ol' face

Then I added a hell lot of pale concealer and white eyeshadow to my face, to make 
me look very paleeee. 

me with out eyebrows doe.
Then I covered up my eyebrows with some foundation and added some 
blue eyeshadow and lined my eyes. 

then I drew on some dark browns and extended the blue eyeshadow out 

Then (using eyeliner) I drew in some black diamonds around my eyes. I wasn't worried about
it getting everywhere as i wanted this to seem like I had been wearing it for a few days

Then I put on some red lipstick and dragged it out like the joker from batman. 

Then I added a red nose (again with lipstick) and used some left over black to dirty up the
whole look. 

For the finishing touch I gave my clown a bloody nose. I done this by watering down some 
red lipstick and dripping it down. 

Waring. You will get very messy. 

And volia! Then I just pinned my hair up and added a flowery shirt and away I went!


I hope this gave you some inspiration if you are stuck! 


p.s If you are going out on halloween I hope you have a good time! 

Monday, 27 October 2014

ღ Going out / Outfit ღ


Its half term time so that means staying in and being on the internet for a whole week WOHAY! But if you do happen to go out somewhere and don't know what to wear, I am here to give a little inspiration.

This is what I wore when I went out to dinner with some of my pals. (please excuse my crappy photos my normal camera is currently getting fixed).

White Crop top - River island
Leather skirt- River island
Coat - Primark.

And here is my face!
  Hope you have a good time where ever you are headed!


P.S- I am planning to do a post every day monday to friday so stay tuned!!!

Friday, 24 October 2014

♦ College Clothes #6 ♦

This week was a type of a nothing week at college so I only had to go in twice so only two outfits for you today, sorry! But next week is half term so hopefully I can do some more posts for you to enjoy all next week plus some halloween type ones! Wohay!

(Also sorry for the strange photos, after exactly 3 days of having a camera I have broken it. Fab)

Day one ~

trying to balance showing my complete outfit whist taking a picture 

I am wearing a patterned shirt from h&m and a pair of leggings also from h&m with my converse

Day two ~

I am wearing a black cami from new look with some old jeans that i ripped at the knee, Big up for D.I.Y!

And thats it, I am hoping that I can do a few more posts then usual this week as I have the week off! HELL YEAH!


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

✖ Topshop Wish list ✖

I have got my self a job interview so (fingers crossed) I can get this job and get MONEY. I am already planning all the things I am going to buy. Which is probably not a good idea but OH WELL.

Here is all the things I want from TopShop.

1- Cable Sweater - £42
2- leopard print skirt -£38
3-Polo sport tee -£22
4-Luxe joggers -£38
5-Ipad case-£18
6-Peplum cami -£32

Wish me luck that I get it!


Monday, 20 October 2014

❀ Little GREY dress / style ❀

Whilst rummaging through the Topshop sale I came across a simple grey dress for only about £6 (including my student discount) and my mind started turning about all the ways I wanted to style this, it must of looked strange to anyone who saw me as I was just standing their for a good two minuets staring at this dress. But anyways here is how I style a little GREY dress (or GRAY depending on who you are).

(also I got a camera so hopefully I look a lot clearer!)

Casual ~

Simple little shirt tied around the waist and some (although you can't see them) white converse!


I kinda changed the dress into a skirt by adding a white blouse over the top and to add a little bling I put on my (fake) gold chain!

Going out -

My face looks strange in this photo


Flatforms and fur coat equals a GOOD NIGHT OUT!

And my personal favourite way to wear the dress....

It is of course with a camel coat.


Friday, 17 October 2014

❀ College clothes #5 ❀

I have settled in nicely into college now and finally got a routine going so now I can be out of the door with out rushing and swearing, so thats definitely a plus!

Anyways lets get into the it,

Day one~

slip a lil' selfie in there ;)
top-h and m 

This is personally one of my fav outfits and one I have worn a LOT

day two~

striking a pose in order to show you my shoes

leather jacket- topshop 
jumper- h and m 
leggings - h and m 
booties- primark

This outfit is also in other one of my post but you know -what eves 

Day three- 

I am embracing my inner Miley cyrus 

Shirt- my brothers 
Leggings- h and m 
coat - primark 

My last day is the day where I put the lest amount of effort in, I CBA ON FRIDAYS 

My half term is coming around soon so that means more posts!!! So depending on how you are this will make you fractionally happy or go meh, either way it is happening! HUZZAH