☯ Best eyeliner EVER ?! / Topshop eyeliner ☯


I am a strong lover of eyeliner it was the first proper make up I tested out ( their are some pretty scary photos out there of my eyeliner in my early secondary school years. Lets just say I didn't have a steady hand).

A while ago I went to topshop and picked up one of their eyeliners for about £6 and never looked back and after picking up my THIRD eyeliner from their I thought I would tell you about it.

Topshop eyeliners-
(the top two are empty)

I get the black cab

I have tried all different types of eyeliners in my quest for the best one, I have tried out high end ones and I have tried out ones free with magazines 


But the Topshop eyeliner has the best of both worlds, its has a long stay power like the Bobbi brown but is also easy to control like the one free in a magazine. 

Plus is comes out so black and not watered down it makes me so happy. 

However this is my opinion others might have other opinions but I defiantly recommend this!


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