Monday, 29 June 2015

Striped Shirt Outfit // Lace Up Flats

Due to the fact that England still has its cold days I am forced to wear leggings, not shorts or skirts but leggings. Sad times. BUT I like to style them well. 

I honestly ADORE this shoe and shirt combo it makes me so happy I might cry a little

Shoes: Topshop 
Shirt : Forever 21
Leggings: I dunno you can buy leggings from almost anywhere

(just a little one because I am going to a concert tonight! Of course I will update you guysxxx) 


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Shoes of the Summer // Trends 15'

When It comes to shoes I will admit I am addicted, and as I put away my winter boots *sob* I can now introduce some summer shoooooeess!

Aren't They just beautiful...

Gladiator sandals can come in (mostly) two lengths- I recommend buying both because why not, but then again I am a shoppaholic so if you are strapped like cash (which it me like two days after I get paid) I recommend buying the regular ones, they go with everything and TRUST ME you don't even want to attempt trying to get jeans over knee length gladiator sandals.

Embrace your inner Kylie Jenner and get them lace ups

When I wear these I feel that I am transported back to the 90's, a current trend I am noticing is revealing a little toe! Note to self. New motto for summer, suns out toes out.

Stan Smiths, Superstars, Slip ons and Suedes. All the S trainers I need for summer.


I hope this was edutaning (educational and entertaining) for you ALL AND I LOVE YOU YES YOU


Friday, 19 June 2015

Puma Suede // Burnt Olive

Suede is a fabric that has made a comeback, as a staple '70's' item its no surprise that suede is now back into our stores. SO why not spice up my wardrobe with so suede! I decided to go for some Puma suede because I like the look of the trainer and its suede! Incorporating my love of comfortable footwear with some 70's love.

I went for a dark green /khaki (or olive as it says on the box) colour because I think that this colour could go with a lottttt of things and I am really loving husky/burnt colours (do not think that is the right way to describe it but do you kind of get what I a getting at) like dark green, burnt orange, blue and beige and camel colours.
Got to get the scenery perfect for these pic SON

This is an outfit that I wore the trainers with (please excuse the broken mirror) I think it is nicely 70's with out over killing it

Legging; river island 
tank top; H&M
Jacket; Ebay (YASSS EBAY)

So yeah thats my new obsession and am debating on buying another load of them in loads of colours so STAY TUNED MY FRIENDS LOVE YOU LOADS X


Saturday, 13 June 2015

Outfits Of The Week

Oh It feels good to be back....

Exams. Last week has been hell. Thats all I am going to say.

Legging - have no clue
Tank - H&M
Shirt - american apparel 

Ripped jeans- EBAY YAS
White top -primark
Jacket- missguided (might do a whole post on this)

Dungarees - Beyond retro
Gladiator sandels- Primark
Top - Topshop (LOVE THIS ) 

And that my lovely lot has been what I have wore over the past week or so, tbh the past week has consisted of hoodies and leggings as I have had assignments coming out of my ear! BUT summer is two weeks away then I can post 3 TIMES A WEEK HUZZAH, just thought I would get this out there for you so you know I am not dead 


Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Mick Jagger Vibes

Mick Jagger is one of my style icons, there are only a few people in this world that rock what he did, plus have you seen him now! Still on point. So why not take a break from the crippling exams I am doing and dress like Mick Jagger.

I look like I have seen some shit in this photo.

Jacket Missguided
Boots :TKMaxx

You don't even KNOW the struggles I went through to get this jacket URG.