Monday, 27 July 2015

Tartelette By Tarte Palette Review and Dupes

I have a new obsession.

Whilst in New York ( I had a fab time thanks for asking) I made a purchase. A rather rash purchase to get this eye shadow palette and I KNOW its hella expensive ( I will link some dupes for all my smart girls that know that spending £50 ish on eyeshadow is RIDIC) but I couldn't help my self. So pretty.

This eye shadow palette is the BEES KNEES - ranging for light cream colours to purples and mauves to browns and blacks, its every single colour I am loving at the moment, plus the packaging is really cool.

The dupes~

This one is uber cheap (£3!!!!!!) and pocket sized YES

This one is slightly more expensive (£8) BUT has loadsss of colours and they are all matte, I personally own this palette and can say is super duper

Hope I have helped <3


Monday, 20 July 2015

Photo Diary // Beach & Summer Holiday

Sooo I am been away...


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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

New York '15 // Style Diary - DAY TWO

( This time listen to THIS when reading it - makes it better trusttttt)

Being in New York is honestly like being in a movie, you will see the NYPD eating donuts and drinking coffee and people shouting about hotdogs being the "Best in the world!' its crazy. But not as crazy as New York streets-jesus I thought that London was bad they don't have shit on new york streets. But you learn quickly. Budge past or be budged.

~Top of the empire state~

Today was a tourist kind of day so I done all the classic things 


top - Brandy Melville AGAIN vErY ill FiTtInG
Kimono type thing- Forever 21
White jeans - Primarkkkkk
Shoes - THE SUDED's the puma kind



Monday, 13 July 2015

New York '15 // Style Diary

(Important to listen to THIS while reading this post-trust me(I like this version better) ) 

New York is a place I have always wanted to visit, its a place that is iconic. Not only through out the world but with in the fashion community, and one day (fingers crossed) I intended to live there so it was kind of important to me that my first impression was a good one. And by god it was. Where else in the world could you watch movie at 3 o'clock in the morning? Or be seconds aways from any kind of food, to quotes Phoebe Buffay - what if you want Chinese food at 5am? Or a fake Rolex that breaks as soon as it rains or an Asian hooker sent right to your door?  god I want all those things (maybe not the hooker).


I flow in from Gatwick via Norwegian air ( my first time flying with them- verdict well accommodating but the food was a bit crapola), It was an 8 hour flight so I went for comfort rather then being fashion forward, as I feel any sane person should do when it comes to flying. 
I wore a thrift shopped Green Day Packers jumper, gunna be honest not a clue whose these are I know they are an a American football team but thats the extent, with some primark joggers and my puma suedes 

My first day was mostly trying to overcome jet lag (I woke up 5 o'clock NY time which is like 10 o'clock time in the UK which is a reasonable time) I shopped so much as in England we don't have a Sephora or a Brandy Melville, which for all my UK friends is the strangest shop that only stocks only size of anything so imagine my embarrassment when I go into the changing room and ask if they have it in a different size only to be death stared at by the woman and told 'here at Brandyy we only stock one sizzzeeeee' in a very elegant accent where as I am standing there with my mank cockney accent like 'Eh? what the bloody hell is the point of that? Bit sillyinnit?" She didn't not agree. 

That being said I brought A LOT more then I needed. 

Later on I wore the brandy top with some ripped jeans - it was a bit big so I had to tie up the straps, again a flaw in the whole 'one size' thing they have going on. I also have on a body chain I purchased from forever 21 - to jazz it up a bit.

And that was Day one ! I will be back tomorrow for day two! 



I am CRYING. Poor Tom Selleck 

Monday, 6 July 2015

Night out outfit // Hot weather Outfit

In a strong turn from my last post it has suddenly go VERY HOT in England, there has been a heat wave and for a girl that is use to layering up and putting a scarf with every outfit it was a challenge to try have a stylish outfit with out passing out from heat exhaustion.

But I think I done alright on a short notice!

Thats a fan btw

Dress - New look ( I tied up the back to make it a halter neck. Just call me Bear Grylls of the fashion world)
Heels- New look
Bag - Armani Exchange
Fluff thing - River Island

I am currently packing to go to NEW YORK I am so excited! I shall bring you along every step of the way!