Friday, 28 August 2015

Autumn Style Inspiration // Black Dungarees

Some style inspiration for you lovely lot today, I had a whole day off today, I know what the hell?! I have been soooo busy recently (hence the one post a week) but as you know no rest for the wicked so I put together a little outfit. 

The jumper is from H&M and was a steal for £14.99 which I paired with these black dungarees from the mens section of Forever 21. DONT BE SCARED OF SHOPPING IN THE MENS SECTION. Trust me if you walk (/click) away from this page the one thing I want you to learn is that you can shop in the mens section, gender is really not important when it comes to fashion so plssssssssss next time you are shopping go to the mens section or open up a new tab and go on Topman trust me you won't be sorry. 

Shoes are my trusty Air max. HOLLA. 

Back to work tomorrow. MEH. 


Thursday, 27 August 2015

Keratin Tip Extensions Review // Pro's and Con's // Before and After

Last week I got Keratin tip extensions, like the best of us I was hesitant to the idea of glueing something permanently to my head but because my hair was so incredibly thin, lifeless and dull I had no other option to do something and thank god I did! There is just so much more I can do with my hair now I can even put it up into a ponytail which I thought was something I just wouldn't be able to do so I am very pleased!

But I need to be truthful so you can see the whole story so here are some pro's and con's

Long fuller hair (Duh) you hair just looks and feels so much healthier and better

It looks natural - better then clip ins

Virtually undetectable bonds, unlike micro loops which especially in blonde hair you can see the bonds

They hurt - you have something pulling on your hair so yeah, the scalp is a bit tender (especially in the shower) not a huge pain in the ass but if you catch them on something then they can kill

Expensive - I got european higher quality hair which cost me 330, yikes I know but I do recommend saving up for the nicer stuff, trust me when I say this.

And what would a hair extension post be with out a before and after?



As you can see a huge difference.

I honestly do recommend them but then again I have only had them a week so lets see what the future brings (I will keep you updated)


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Outfits Of The Week // Style Inspiration

bOy oh BoY has it been a busy week! Courses and Festival - prep ( I will keep you updated). But a busy week means lots of outfits, which is always good!

Grey vest- forever 21
jeans- H&M
Suede boots - Ali express 

Out for the night boiiiii
Dress- Misguided 

Out again! ( look how messy that room is) 
body suit- BooHoo
Skirt- I have no clue 

Trainers- Schuh 

T-shirt - Ralph Lauren (DUHHH)
Jeans - Levi's 
Bandanna- Ebay 
Trainers- Puma suedes

Enjoy my babbieesssssss:)))))))


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Suede Boots, Flats and Jackets // SUEDE EVERYTHING

There is no secret that suede is the hottest fabric currently out there. As a result of this suede has been put on everything! Which in my mind is a very good thing!(Apart from the fact that I live in England where is rains 99.9% of the time. Suede and rain is a no-no.)

I now currently own two pairs of suede shoes

The pointer ones are from ZARA
The bootier ones are from Aliexpress (LINK)

Also I have had a slight splurge (ew that word ssppppllurgeee) and got a suede jacket from ASOS

I haven't edited these - be nice 

Yo it looks like I am not wearing a top but I am 
There I am modelling it.
Enjoys those sticking poses as I sit on my kitchen table. HIGH FASHION GURL OVER HERE.

Here is what I styled the boots and jacket with

Jacket :asos
Boots aliexpress

Suede is love. Suede is life <3


Monday, 3 August 2015

August Wish List

There are many things that I want. Unfortunately. But being a self confessed materialistic person I know that I will never stop wanting a new bag or that new chunky sweater from Asos that has recently been put on sale *sigh* unfortunately my bank balance doesn't support the kind of lifestyle my soul wants me to have so I have made a wish list, to reassess whether or not every item is 100% necessary. This is going to be difficult.

I know, Its to early for sweatshirts and its £95!!!!!!! Can I just say that again £95. 

Another white shirt is VITAL to my wardrobe

At least these ones are cheaper
(urban outfitters) 

My fav one is the top left. 
(babyG ) 

URGGGGGGGGGGGGG gosh darn I still want it all.