Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Bomber Jacket Style // Autumn Outfit Inspiration

Bomber jackets are slowly becoming my favourite jacket for fall season, we all know the dreaded 'in-between weather' of autumn and I think a bomber is a great way around that. It is not as heavy as a coat but it can still keep you toasty and warm!

I got mine on eBay for a £10!

Here is how I style it,

Shoes- topshop
Jeans- levi
Top- Zara

I am having way to much fun with snapchat recently


Friday, 25 September 2015

Fake Yeezy Boost 350 // Fashion On A Budget

Again, I don't know how much trouble I can get in to for posting this but I am going to do it anyways (OH YOU REBAL).

For all my poor folk out there, there is a shop. A glorious online shop called aliexpress which holds 1001 fake items, including some yeezy boost's or feezy's as I so lovingly call them. They cost a grand total of £15 and fit like a dream (Sorry Kanye I just don't have £400 to spend on trainers not matter how comfy they are).

Just a nice little tip to all my fashionista's that don't have crazy amounts of money to spend on trainers- HURRAH you can now all be high fashion on a budget!


Sunday, 20 September 2015

New York Fashion Week SS16 // Quick Review

MY favourite shows: (IN MY OPINION- fashion is not here or there, no right or wrong)

Public school - Good use of fabric, not fitted.

Alexander Wang - (One of my favourite designers, did not disappoint) Keep true with fabrics and styles was fresh and hard.

Givenchy- Romantic, beautifully done. The details were on another level.

Thom Browne- Unique and very clever, Japanese influences with neutral colours. 

Narciso Rodriguez- Solid colours with stunning and refreshing cuts. 

Michael Kors- I can honestly saw I would wear all of this collection, very romantic and classically beautiful.

The BEST Ones

Hood By Air -

This show broke out of fashion and moved into a statement. Shayne Oliver tapped into society's views and asked the question what is gender? The essence of fashion is people, getting influence by poverty stricken areas where the 'clothes would be falling about but you still had to wear them'. This show had a message.


The whole show was a work of art. Before the show even began I could tell by the whole aesthetic and vibe of the catwalk that this collection was going to be beautiful. The detailing and the mixture of  romance and 70's combined together to make something amazing.

Spring Summer 2016: Urban Romantics


Saturday, 19 September 2015

Rock & Roll Suede // Autumn Style and Outfit Inspiration

Autumn is a time where not only the sky but my outfits tend to get a lot darker. In this outfit I am embracing that notion whole heartily with this outfit

I have done another video because  try as might I could not get a good photo of this outfit and it is SO much simpler to get my whole outfit and everything in a video rather then trying to twist my body to get the whole look in a mirror selfie- First world problems to the max. (Back to photos time)

SIDE NOTE - For some reason I look VERY bitch-tastic in the video, its just my face I promise I am not pouty and moody in real life!


Tank - Topshop
Jeans - forever 21
Oversized leather jacket - Top man
boots - aliexpress

SO yeah bit of a crap post I know but I will be back tomorrow for something GOOODDDDD


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Rainy Days // Autumn Style Inspiration

I think a part of me isn't letting go to the fact that the festival season is over, thats why this morning when I saw that it was raining I rushed to grab my 'Annie' Mac (rain mac) that I got from V festival and braided my hair (to protect it from the wind).

I literally walked around today in a jacket that says 'raving' on the back.



Also in order to add something more to ze old blog here is a video 


I know it looks shit but I just couldn't find the right location to take a photo and I didn't want it to be a proper video that is done all professionally so there you go ENJOY! (Also can I just point out the flawlessness of me trying to show you guys my shoes!) 


Rain mac - Annie Mac rain mac 

Hope you guys enjoyed you day and Hello to all the new people I have seen crop up! IKNOW YOU ARE OUT THERE! 


Friday, 11 September 2015

Zara Pointed Flats // Topshop Lace Up Flats

I have a slight obsession with flats at the moment, I think its because I have yet to find the perfect pair of ankle boots ready for Autumn (I have ordered a few though) or the fact that THESE FLATS ARE JUST THE BEST THINGS.





As you can see both of them are very pointed which I love, I defiantly have a thing for the points, perfect for kicking people! (I joke I joke...;) )

*sidenote* escuse the piggy feet

The jeans are from Levi incase you where wondering

ALSO. I am back to college now which means I have a reason to leave my bed (WAHHHH) but that means more outfit posts (YAAAYYYY)


Monday, 7 September 2015

Waist Trainer Experience // Before & After

One phrase that I hold close to my heart is 'don't knock it till you try it' so after seeing Khloe Kardashian flaunting her waist trainer on Instagram I thought why not? 
To be honest my waist and hips has always been a cause for concern to me so I was curious to see how it worked. 


Do not do anything I say, I am not a doctor. I know nothing about waist trainers this is just my personal experience. Yes granted I probably should of googled it before but I am lazy okay? Also I got my waist trainer for 10 quid off eBay I recommend you get a proper one.

So this is before... (side note I haven't edited or tried to fancy up these photos... I am trying to be real with you guys) 

Stop judging. I am in my pjs. 

 And here is my waist trainer...

So I have been wearing my waist trainer for a little over a week now and yeah I'm not going to lie, it does hurt. It digs into you and makes you wanna cry little but look at the results!

Now I know that I am pretty sure that anything that does something like that to your body with in that small amount of time frame is probably bad for you and I have heard on the internet that waist trainers are a bit unreliable as you ping back to your normal size in a couple of days so please do your research. 

The schedule I followed was the first day I done it for about four hours before I had a break and left it, then for the following day I did three hours, stopped for a break and then continued for another two hours. Since then I've been doing it for about six hours at a time I don't know weather this is a good or bad way of wearing a waist trainer but all I do know is that it when it gets uncomfortable I take it off that's a no-brainer. So I hope that you are a little bit inspired I was for one was very impressed at the results, I didn't wanna spend ridiculous amounts of money on a bit of fabric but I'm now looking into getting one of the most expensive ones after this month but will just have to wait and I promise to keep you updated! 


P.s I am not sponsored by any waist trainers ( I wish!). I tried to give both the good and bad sides to the story! My english teacher would be proud and I recommend just to be on the safe side if you are unsure talk to a doctor! They know whats good for your body! I am just some freak on the internet xxxxx

Friday, 4 September 2015

Stripes and Ripped Jeans // Autumn Style Inspiration

It is getting cold in the U.K again, I saw it looked like it was snowing in Birmingham the other day WHAT HAPPENED TO SUMMER? Is this global warming coming to effect? Lord only knows but what I know is that I can start wearing jeans properly now with out the fear of thigh sweating/chafing!

Tee - Topshop

Jeans - EBAY

Shoes - adidas pool sliders (It was still kinda warm out)

So summer is kinda over now? This makes me happy as now I can crack my jackets and coats and what not YASSSSSSSSS to soon to be thinking about christmas?


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Missguided Striped Trousers // Style Inspiration

I am a huge fan of this beige-y camel-y halter neck top I brought from Brandy Melville a while ago. It goes perfectly with these jazzy trousers that I brought from Missguided <3

I recently went to Festival ( I was going to do a post about it but to be honest- I was to intoxicated the whole weekend to even think about taking pictures plus there was no showers. EW.) and I wore these trousers and I got SO many complements so big up misguided. YAS.