Saturday, 19 September 2015

Rock & Roll Suede // Autumn Style and Outfit Inspiration

Autumn is a time where not only the sky but my outfits tend to get a lot darker. In this outfit I am embracing that notion whole heartily with this outfit

I have done another video because  try as might I could not get a good photo of this outfit and it is SO much simpler to get my whole outfit and everything in a video rather then trying to twist my body to get the whole look in a mirror selfie- First world problems to the max. (Back to photos time)

SIDE NOTE - For some reason I look VERY bitch-tastic in the video, its just my face I promise I am not pouty and moody in real life!


Tank - Topshop
Jeans - forever 21
Oversized leather jacket - Top man
boots - aliexpress

SO yeah bit of a crap post I know but I will be back tomorrow for something GOOODDDDD



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