Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Sport Luxe Outfit and Style Inspiration // Puma 'n' Adidas // January Blogging #4

When I awoke at half 6 this morning (I know. Ew.) and had a lookyloo and the weather outside I was disgusted. Rain. Horrendous torrential rain. There was no way I was going to be able to straighten my hair/ wear some snazzy thigh high boots, no sir. Not with weather like that.

So today I went with a more comfy approach to my outfit, with a hint of sporty spice inspiration...

I am not really showing my face today cause you know, the rain and make up are never going to work together no matter how much urban decay setting spray you put on. :( 

Hair in a pony because you know. Rain is the the devil. 

Top; puma but I purchased it from the vintage section from TOPSHOPPPP
Leggings; Adidas
Shoes; Vans

 Don't get me wrong I usually love the rain but I woke up like,

Urg I need a good cup of tea
*how bloody British all this talk of rain and tea*


Friday, 22 January 2016

Etsy Nasa Bomber Jacket // January Blogging #3


Long time no see! I haven't had a chance to sit down and blog for ages, in-between university interviews (hello if you are a uni - pls let me in) and work and assignments and *failing* my driving exams. I haven't had a chance to organise myself some time to blog but here I am!

A recent love of mine is this *fake* Nasa Bomber Jacket that I picked up from Etsy (If you haven't gone on Easy yet, what are you actually doing with your life?).

It was around £55 including postage which I know is a bit expensive but if you are looking for a good quality bomber that doesn't cost you £1,925 (*cough* Versace *cough*) then I think that this is perffecctttttt.

And here is giving my best try at modelling it

I have the squarest head in the land

try and ignore the messy room 

So yeah,

I just wanted to thank you for being patient with me while I try get my life sorted and to let you know that I have created a new schedule!
Wednesdays and Saturdays/Sundays (depending on if I go out on a Saturday night lol). So keep your eyes peeled!


Friday, 15 January 2016

January Winter Outfit and Style Inspiration // January Blogging #2

I felt like a total badass in the outfit.

Also can you tell I have been listening to a lot of Tyler the Creator with this outfit? 

Dungrees; Urban outfitters
Trainers; Old skool vans (will do I whole post for these as I got them for a STEALLLLL) 
Top; Adidass 

Who has been watching making of a murder then? SO GOOD. 

I want to become a lawyer 


Monday, 11 January 2016

My Moroccan Adventure // Holiday Blog // I AM BACK // January Blogging #1



I know I know, I have practically fallen off the side of the earth, where was I? Where did I go? Especially when we having such a sweet time with daily blogging!!

You have every right to be angry. 

Let me explain...

*clears throat* 
  1. I went on holiday; I went away to Marrakech during the holidays and spent some lovely time with the familyyy. Bonding and eating and what not, I will include some photo's I took in this post so you can have a looky loo at what I got up to. 
  2. It was christmas; After being filled up with pigs in blankets and christmas pudding, I couldn't  even do anything that meant getting off my sofa. 
  3. I got sick; The christmas flu hit me with great force last week (my original start date to return to blogging) and I have been bed bound. sad face :(. I am still not 100% I am currently in my onesie (how fashion forward) with some orange juice (gotta get that vit C ya'll) 

And I bring Holiday photo's. 

Enjoy looking at those arty farty photos I have taken :)

If you have the urge to look at some more of my photo's then you can always follow me on instagram (@ellalighty) If you want to :)



It feels gooooooodddddd to be back :)