Mia Wallace & Pulp Fiction Inspired Outfit // Style Inspiration // Summer Blogin' #2


When I think of Pulp Fiction my mind automatically goes to white shirts. I am pretty sure that Quentin wasn't going for when he was making the classic 1994 film but thats all I think of! The white-shirt-black-capri-pant combo that Mia Wallace wears is iconic so I thought why not reinvent it for the modern day?!

Good LAWD I am loving messing around with photoshop lately and I kind wanted to give the photos a "film noir" vibe. I am very, very crap at it though. THOSE HARSH LINES LAWDDDDDDDDDDDD. Practise makes perfect though.

To modern-ise the outfit I have changed it around a little, I am wearing;

  • Snazzy ripped jeans from Topshop 
  • Classic white shirt from Zara (on sale at £7 FOCKING YAS)
  • Booties from Primark 
Rather then the bright red lipstick Mia wears I went for a dark red as my face does NOT suit the bright red... Its scary. 

Buts lets face it, no matter how hard I try, I will never be as cool as this 


I do love films- I know that saying you love watching films is kinda like saying you love oxygen but I  LOVE films. My ideal Friday night is watching some Tarantino or some Anderson. URGH I love it. 
So shout out to any Billionaires who wanna fly a poor student over to France for the Cannes festival next year HIT A GIRL UP ;;;;;;;))))))))))))) 


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