Outfit and Style Inspiration // Summer Blogin' 2016 #7



When it comes to summer I always feel that my outfits and style go from 'fleekkkkkkkk' (I hate myself for genuinely using that word in a sentence) to floppy. It just gets to hot to function and style comes second to sweaty thighs. Gross. But I think I have found a nice outfit that is breathable in these sweaty times!

*I took these photos on my Mac cause I didn't have time to take proper photos*

That trying to show off my outfit pose 

Charging phone and taking photos; must efficient multi tasking 
Top; dunno Just stole a yellow-shirt from my brother
Choker; £1.50 from Primark YASYASYAS
Jeans; What my mum likes to say 'Pointless Jeans" (cause there is hardly any fabric har-har old people jokes) from Aliexpress

lol at me trying to make a photo shoot on my bed work - again that sounds strange. Ew.


How is every-body then? I had a couple days getting on the town get crunk and drunk. Honestly when I am drunk I think I can dance, I can't dance so in my brain I am like,
When actually I am like;


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