Friday, 11 December 2015

Nike Sweatshirt Style and Outfit Inspiration // Etsy Love // Christmas Daily Blogging #11

I know what you are thinking, is this genuine?

Well.... YES!

I have recently found Etsy, I have heard about it but never fully released its potential. It has everything and anything on there, perfect for Christmas jumpers or in my case Nike jumpers!

I am a big fan of Adidas and Nike and I know it can be hard for some *me included* to wear them because of a tendency to try make them look classy? You feel? But I think this combo is a cool look

Jumper;Etsy- everyone should use etsy. Its unique items of clothing with Ebay prices I AM LOVING IT
Boots; Aliexpress

This whole outfit was like £40 so thats cool.

I am fully emerged in the Christmas spirt today. Wrapped all my presents with the Michele Buble's (sp?) Christmas album on. I AM READY FOR CHRISTMASSSSS




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